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Four Reasons to Spend Time in Hotels

Hotels are structures that symbolize comfort and luxury, towers full of bright lights, lavish furnishings, and grandiose tapestries. But beyond the room and board, room service, and minibars, hotels can actually provide people with a ton of different things. Here are some of them:

#1 Convenience

Business meetings, balls, conferences-many people need to travel far away from home to attend such events. Well, why not book a room somewhere near the venue? Hotels are perfect for this purpose. With hotels located strategically to be in close proximity to key event venues and other locations, there’s always an option for attendees to book at a hotel that can be as close as next door to their event. Since some events are held in hotels themselves, then that’s even more convenient!

Additionally, there are really some people who prefer having things done for them. Staying in hotels affords them this luxury. With dedicated staff that are trained to attend to every need and every whim, guests are always pampered and can get whatever they require-as long as its within the power of the hotel and the staff.

#2 Breaking the Routine

The tediousness of everyday life can be quite unnerving for many. One of the best ways to break the monotony is to just go out and spend a night or two away from the usual buzz. There are a lot of people who book an overnight stay at a hotel just to get away from work and find a different outlet to unwind. Hotels provide some sort of new place for people to explore, and there is always something going on to ensure that the guests will be entertained should the need arise.

#3 The Food

Some hotels are known for their particular cuisine specialties. With a bevy of restaurants featuring different kinds of cuisine from all over the world, hotels can also add a great aperitif for your stay. A lot of restaurants get by fine by word of mouth, getting recommended by previous guests who have enjoyed superb service and fantastic food. Some hotel restaurants are even more sought-after compared to the hotel itself, so it’s no surprise that there are hotels who get guests solely for the food served in one of the dining establishments under its roof.

#4 The Facilities

Hotels have all-around facilities and amenities that can suit many requirements. For one, most hotels have conference rooms or halls that can be utilized for a variety of events, from meetings to dance balls. Hotels also offer gyms, swimming pools, mini parks, and recreation centers that offer various ways to while away the hours.

There are truly a ton of reasons to book in hotels. Wherever it is, whatever the reason may be, rest assured that travelers will be getting a good deal-so long as one takes enough time to research every need and every detail that may be relevant to the purpose of getting a hotel room. As they say, “knowing is half the battle.” So, go ahead-start planning and book your hotel stay right away!

Hotels in Beirut, Their Locations, Services and Facilities

After the Civil War that ended in 1990, Beirut city managed to emerge as the region’s cultural center and a lively tourist destination somehow. Due to its natural beauty, Beirut is one the world’s most popular tourists’ destinations. The Lebanon’s mountains and the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the city add a lot beauty to the city. A large number of people from four corners of the world are attracted by the diversified culture, rich history and welcoming and fun-loving people that Beirut has to offer. To accommodate all the visiting people, Beirut city offers a wide variety of hotels from low priced hotels to luxurious 4 star and 5 star hotels. Beirut hotels offer luxurious accommodation including every modern convenience such as complimentary breakfast, refreshments, high speed internet connectivity, and swimming pool, live music night in the piano bar, direct phone line and satellite TVs.

Hotels Locations

You can find several hotels throughout Beirut. Some of the best locations to find hotels in Beirut are district of Achrafieh, city center Solidere, Beirut’s Airport and Downtown Beirut.

1. Hotels located near Mediterranean Sea

Beirut hotels located near the Mediterranean Sea allow the guests an easy access to Rafic Hariri International Airport, the Beirut Central District as well as a number of hottest tourists’ destinations in Beirut.

2. Achrafieh district

Beirut’s district of Achrafieh and city center Solidere are considered as the two of the best location where business and leisure visitors can easily find the most suitable hotel accommodation in accordance with their budget and living needs. The place enable the guests to easily access the unforgettable nightlife of Beirut’s Monot and Beirut’s renowned shopping mall known as ABC that features coffee shops, tea rooms, stores and much more.

3. Sodeco Street and Makdessi Street

Sodeco Street and Makdessi Street are the two prominent locations to find comfortable hotel accommodation in Beirut. Sodeco Street is peaceful spot in Beirut and is considered as one of the best place for those tourists who want to experience the amazing nightlife of Beirut. Similarly, Makdessi Street is also an awesome location that allows the guests an ideal access to downtown Beirut’s night life and entertainment.

4. Hotels located near Beirut airport

Beirut hotels located near Rafic Hariri International Airport enable the guests an easy access to Planet Discovery and Sanayeh Park and Parliament of Lebanon Building.

5. Hotels near Beirut’s Dunes Shopping Center

The hotels located near the popular Beirut’s Dunes Shopping Center are the best in terms of location. The Beirut’s Dunes Shopping Center features sand art playground for kids, movie theaters, bowling center and much more.

6. Hotels located near Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut is yet another awesome location to find the best hotels. This area refers to Hamra and the Central Business Districts of Beirut.

Beirut hotels offer comfortable accommodation along with important amenities

The fully furnished rooms of Beirut hotels are beautifully decorated with attracting interiors and equipped with top quality furniture to create the great living environment. What are the important features of hotels in Beirut?

Some of the most important amenities and services that hotels in Beirut offer to guests are as follows:

Cable / satellite TV sets with CD/DVD players
Bathtub and complimentary toiletries
Daily housekeeping, 24-hour front desk
High speed internet connectivity
quick room service and wake-up calls
Massage, Jacuzzi, Swimming pools
The guests to use nearby fitness center and gym
The hotels offer onsite restaurants and cafes where guests get to enjoy fresh juices, coffee, tea, cocktails and a wide range of dishes from international cuisine

For business visitors, Beirut hotels offer Banquet halls, meeting rooms and photocopy/fax facilities.