Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant Locally

In any city or town across the country, there are a large number of restaurants which can make marketing quite difficult. Every restaurant owner understands that the right marketing strategy is essential to success. Fortunately, there are many strategies that can be implemented locally to bring in diners.

Local Promo Distribution: On a slow day, have your employees go out in the business community and drop off fliers, free sample cards, menu fliers, and business cards. The staff can meet all the businesses and get to know them on a personal level. As well, provide information about special events. Make sure the staff is wearing clothing with the restaurant name on it.

Keep Your Restaurant in the News: Continually come up with ways to make public announcements about the restaurant. Such announcements can be a new dish, special event such as a sponsoring a charity or sporting event, restaurant anniversary…etc. You can make your announcements by sending out press releases. Online press releases are an effective tool that can be used to target your geographical area.

Utilize Online Local Business Profiles: MSN, Google, Yahoo help local businesses by providing a local search engine. These local engines help local businesses get more local exposure online. It is an effective tool as more people are now using online search methods to search for businesses in their area.

Email Marketing: Email has become an effective way of maintaining contact with customers. You can send emails to customers that contain surveys, newsletters, information about up coming events, and special coupons.

Social Networking: The internet contains a number of excellent tools to promote your restaurant. Your own website, Blog, and joining such social sites as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace is effective because you have the ability to target your local community. You can write about a variety of restaurant related things such as healthy ways of eating, new recipes, special events, food related topics, and much more. Make sure you use plenty of keywords that target your geographical area.

Local Advertising: Make use of direct mail, local newspapers, magazines, tourist bureaus, radio, and television to promote your restaurant. Create special and unique ad campaigns that will make your restaurant stand out from the other local dining establishments. It is a great way to announce special deals and provide discounts. Take advantage of a variety of different types of discount offers.

Sponsoring Local Events: Sponsoring local events will definitely increase visibility. You can hold these events either in the restaurant or in another location such as a sporting event. It is important that you have plenty of free stuff to give away that contains you restaurant’s name and address on it. Inexpensive items to give away can include mugs, baseball caps, pens, notepads, and T-shirts.

The restaurant industry is very competitive so it is essential to keep your restaurant visible in your local community. During slow business hours, tough economic times, or if you want to keep customers coming through your doors, it is important to develop innovative local marketing techniques to ensure you restaurant continues to thrive for years.