Adventure Therapy – Just What the Doctor Ordered

You’re young, adventurous and just finished years of grueling school and are ready to take on the world. Before hitting the real world only to discover that your student loan actually does have to be paid back, you decide to do some discovering of your own and call your friends up to go backpacking through Europe. Unfortunately for you, they have all traded in their concert T-shirts, beer bongs and backpacks for suits, laptops, and a lovely office cubicle. Not to worry, there are literally thousands of abandoned grads, students and young adults like you in this position every year but many have found comfort in a certain support group specializing in this unfortunate set of circumstances.

For 50 years Contiki Tours have been helping 18-35-year-olds deal with their sudden withdrawal from homework, studying and microwavable pizza pops by providing expert therapy in the form of excitement and Adventure Travel. Breaking the routines and habits of a student or young professional can be tough but not incurable with a good dose of Adventure Therapy. Here is a sampling of some of the unfortunate afflictions the younger generations experience upon leaving school or heading out on their own and how Adventure Therapy through a Contiki Tour has cured them.

The Junkie. (Adrenaline that is.) Adventure Therapy includes a constant dose of high adrenaline exposure during activities such as white water rafting, zip lining, bungee jumping, paragliding, and even running with the bulls in Pamplona just to name a few.

The Shopaholic. Adventure Therapy gets renamed Retail Therapy and is combined with an ample dose of free time to ensure maximum effect.

The Mac’n’cheese Maverick. Slowly weaning a student off of a constant diet of noodles, hot dogs and “pub grub” can be tricky. The diet specialists on a Contiki Tour are experts in this field by introducing actual authentic food that tastes fantastic. Therapy is heightened further by serving meals in “cool” environments and restaurants instead of a couch in front of the television.

The Futon King or Queen. Years of sleep on a futon or couch in a dorm room can lead to short-term memory loss of what it’s like to have proper accommodations. Fortunately these symptoms can be easily reversed by nightly sessions in comfortable rooms with full amenities including real beds and running water that many students and grads may find beyond luxurious.

The Bookworm. This poor creature has suffered enough and is usually distinguished by the often heard sound of “I can’t, I have to study.” Their minds are close to meltdown due to overload but are thankfully still open to new experiences and knowledge. Tour itineraries are designed to get the most out of all the highlights and landmarks in a destination but unlike most institutional learning facilities, Contiki does this with some Adventure Therapy mixed with a new and proven technique called “fun.”

The Zombie. Easily recognized by the blank stare caused by prolonged exposure to textbooks and computer screens, this individual sometimes has difficulty with simple tasks like tying shoes or laundry. Contiki takes special care to ensure that everything is taken care of up front including airfare, transfers, meals, accommodation, excursions, and transportation. By doing so, normalcy is soon restored and the subject can focus on recovery by way of pleasure and excitement.

Being 18-35 or coming out College or University has its own rewards and challenges and like many obstacles in life, therapy can go a long way to recovery and even inspire. If you or a loved one suffer from PGG (post grad gloom) or experience any of the symptoms mentioned it is important to get a good dose of Adventure Therapy.