3 Network Marketing Tips That Guarantees Sign Ups of MLM Reps

In Early 2010 I joined the Network Marketing Industry and till today it has been the best decision I have ever made. It is quite funny how much money one can make if they spend time to learn some very basic skills.

These Network Marketing tips I will be sharing with you today are personal experiences I have had from consistently learning from leaders and these network marketing tips are things that I personally do to recruit people into my business.

When you finally understand these principles and follow these network marketing tips I am about to share with you, there is no limit to amount of money you can create for yourself and your family. It is possible… ONLY IF YOU’RE SERIOUS.

Most people will never make a penny in this industry because they think they got everything figure out.

One of my favorite quotes of all time was by one of my favorite authors Robert Kiyosaki. He said

“The Rich and Professionals have coaches, but the poor and amateur do not”

A common trait of every serious entrepreneur is that they always seek a mentor and they always want to learn from successful people. They do this because they know they do not have all the answers yet.

Most new marketers NEVER take advice; they assume they know it all… This is why they simply do not make money.

With that aspect covered, let me share with you 3 network marketing tips that will ensure you sponsor 1 new rep per day into your business.

Network Marketing Tips #1- Choose a good Company

Now most will say, well duh.. but majority of people will just jump into a company because of HYPE and FLUFFS. They simply hear about an amazing compensation plan and they rush right in and get wiped out.

So a couple of things you want to have at the back of your mind.

1.) Make sure the company or product matches your core value (You MUST be passionate about the product and your goals and that of the company must match). If you are not passionate about the product you won’t be able to retail it effectively. You must personally believe in your product.

2.) Make sure they have leaders in the company who are really devoted to changing the lives of people with their products and with real life education.

3.) Make sure they have leaders that are PERSONALLY committed to teaching you their marketing secrets- If your Up line has no marketing skills or isn’t willing to invest time in showing you how to build and duplicate, you basically have been screwed BIG. This is why most people fail in Network marketing… no marketing training

4.) The company’s products must have a really good market; preferably look for a company that has a developing trend… (Huge secret… Baby boomers are about to retire and the U.S dollar is about to COLLAPSE… something to think about)

Network Marketing tips #2- Create a no objection sponsoring system.

In my whole years of marketing online, the realization of this concept was what made me know that you can virtually print your own money through network marketing.

Here is what you’ll need

1.) A compelling, powerful Lead Capture Page to capture the name and email address of leads

2.) A Sales Page- This should contain your Company’s Presentation or a webinar.

3.) An Application form at the end of presentation.

Now the next step is to create an ad and target the people with whom you know would be interested in your business. Facebook now has close to 700 million users (Bigger than the United States and is the 3rd largest population of people in the world!!).

CRAIGSLIST- Craigslist unlike Facebook, your ads are 100% completely FREE. Craigslist has over 20 Billion page views per month, it is ranked #7 in world wide in terms of page views, it is #9 in total traffic in the U.S.A, and 50 million people just in the U.S.A uses Craigslist.

I left a link at the end of this article were you can access these training on Facebook and Craigslist.

When you create TARGET ADS and set up a system like this with an application form at the end of the presentation, if they like what they saw THEY will need to fill out an application.

This will automatically place you as an UPLINE and them as their DOWNLINE because the person asking questions always holds the power and controls everything and this way you are only talking to people already sold and are interested in your business.

I personally teach people the kind of questions to ask in the application form to qualify a prospect before you even pick up the phone and call.

If you create this system, then when you call your prospects they are already credit card in hand ready to join.

Network Marketing tips #3- Talk to AT LEAST 10 people per day

After creating this system, you would have ELIMINATED any objections by a prospect. This is because the application form ready qualified them. They obviously like what they saw. The ad attracted them, they loved the information on your lead capture page else they wouldn’t opt in, they watch your presentation, they liked what they saw, and they decided they want in (that is why they filled all the fields in the application form right).

If you apply these network marketing tips as I have outlined here, you will succeed.

Now generate 10+ leads per day online with the above system and call all of them and sign them up based on the answers they presented to you in the form.

For example you asked them in the form “how many hours per day are you willing to invest in building your business to make X amount of dollars”. Say he says 3 hours per day and want to make an extra $5000 per month

(Key Note: It is all about posturing). Now you are on the phone with John

YOU: Now John you told me you were willing to invest 3 hours per day to make this work… is there anything else am missing? John (says no not really, I really like what I saw and would like to know more)

YOU: Very cool… here is what am going to do John… am going to invite you into my inner circle, you going to join this (tell them they are joining…VERY IMPORTANT… remember they want to join else they won’t entered their phone number to be contacted) you going to join this John and we are going to work together in creating that $5,000 a month game plan sounds fair?

He says Yes/absolutely/sounds great etc.

Go ahead and enroll him/her to your business… it’s that simple. That’s how easy it to recruit on the phone

If you go through all this and you are constantly talking to 10 people a day and putting them through this process… do you think you would recruit at LEAST 1 person a day to your business? You will, only if you do it.

So those are my network marketing tips. Apply them and see a whole new world of possibilities open to you. This industry is fun and has the potential for making you very wealthy fast if you do the right things.

Now most people (about 98%) would look at all this tips and say to themselves “well it all sounds good, I keep look for the right answers” and they would end up going back to what they previously do.

To those who TAKE ACTION, they will see success.

See you are the TOP

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