Do You Have These Top Personality Traits of a Good Travel Nurse?

For some individuals, working as a professional travel nurse is the ideal opportunity. These nurses can live and work in almost any area of the country of their choosing. They will meet and make new friends wherever they go. Travel nurses are generally paid at an excellent rate. They are free to take time off whenever the mood strikes and they answer to no one for it. The benefits are usually quite good. So who wouldn’t want to become a travel nurse? The reality is, though, that not every nurse is suitable for travel nursing. Below we’ll talk about some of the major characteristics that are vital to becoming a good travel nurse.

Traveling nurses are moving frequently, from state to state and assignment to assignment. The constant moving can eventually take its toll on your physical, mental and emotional status. When you are considering a career as a travel nurse, you need to ask yourself some hard questions. You have to really like to travel. You will need a great deal of flexibility to handle some of the daily stresses of being a travel nurse.

Nurses are traveling to work, not play. Depending on your assignment, you may have time to tour the areas where you work, but it is not a vacation. Some nurses travel to work some major overtime, which leaves no time for sightseeing. Some places will not want to pay any overtime to travelers, leaving you plenty of time for leisure activities. So, this is another consideration you want to examine. Are you in it to see the country or to make a lot of money? The answer will help to determine where you will travel.

Travel nurses are expected to adhere to a schedule, as anyone else would be. They must report to work each shift scheduled, on time. Travel nurse will be expected to give 110% of themselves while working.

Travel nursing can be lonely, unless you are able to quickly make new friends. You are always a stranger in a new town, city, or state. Your travel experience can be a lot more positive if you are blessed with a talent for turning complete strangers into friends. Getting involved in unit activities can help to ease the loneliness as well as become part of the group.

Traveling with a spouse, significant other, or your family can significantly affect your travel nurse experience. The travel experience can be difficult on your significant others, adding to the daily stresses already experienced. Unless your significant other can travel with you, it is difficult to maintain a relationship. An ideal situation is when both you and your significant other can travel and work together on assignment.

Before signing with any travel nurse agency, you should consider all of the requirements and responsibilities expected from you. Ask questions. Speak to other nurses who travel. Take a good honest look at yourself and your personality traits. Qualities that a good travel nurse should ideally embrace include an appetite for adventure, a strong work ethic, confidence in their medical knowledge, and an outgoing personality. If you possess these qualities and have at least a year of experience, then get started on an exciting career as a travel nurse.